Your choices have consequences…



Hello. I am having a hard time in my relationship. My boyfriend/child’s father is making my life so difficult. We have been together for nine years and we have a five year old daughter. I am homeless and o am living with his family. I work seasonal so I currently don’t have a job and I’ve been getting interviews but no luck. The thinge is he is cheating on me and he don’t seem to be the same anymore. I.can tell he doesn’t like me anymore. We barely talk and he always start arguments with me. Before he use to threaten to kick me out and take my baby away from. But now he just work and ignore me. I’m at a stale point. I don’t have anything or anyone. I gave my all trying to help around the home so now I’m broke no car no job no nothing and I can’t get out of this relationship. Its so depressing if only I had somewhere to go. I asked if he could get me in his job and he told me I will be ok until my job start back up. and I cant go on my own I dont have trqnsportaion or bus fair. I’m going through it. What am I to do? I tried low income housing but I’m on the waiting list and who knows how long that will be. I’m confused depressed and hurt. I dont know what to do. I dont know where I went wrong because when I was working and he wasn’t I took care of everything thay needed to be taken care of but now he’s back messing around with his ex that he always leave me for but since I’m in his only place to live he cant leave me because I’m there I guess. please help…ps he is always threatening to take my child away if I even mention her and I just being a family without him. and he tried before a few years back..but luckily the social worker said she didn’t see any reason to investigate and closed the case but now I’m homeless so he may try and say I’m misfit to be a mother. my life sucks



I really think this all comes down to choices. Over and over you have made choices that have created these circumstance you are in. Now you are left with being a victim of your choices. I would suggest that you start making better choices. First would be to reach out to any one that could help you. Being at the mercy of someone who doesn’t want to take care of you is a bad situation. The biggest challenge right now is for your child. You have made choices that put her into a bad situation. She should be of primary importance to you. So any choices you need to make to keep her stable and safe would be important. I would also encourage you to seek out a therapist to help you start making better decisions in your life.

Doc David

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