Are you an NFL player…


So he says I’m the horrible person. He says I’m ranked third in the world. Because if he hits me with something I hot back. He tells me to do something over and over I do it, for example, he told me to leave him and drive home let him walk and he said this on numerous occasions, I finally did it because I got tired of him being a stupid ass to me and I try to live by the motto, say what you mean and mean what you say. He says that I’m ranked right below war lords and war criminals, he just watched the new expendables so…, he has had a repeated habit of calling me stupid and in more words worthless. He has told me he doesn’t want me anymore. Accused me of not loving him or I wouldn’t do stupid cold things to him, but I’m a somewhat cold person I can’t help that it’s in my personality, and he’s known it from the start. He has gotten mad at me when I would smack him back for hitting me with something, such as a rag which was slapped at me but I don’t see a reason to just take it and not get back at him for it. In a later argument he says I deserved to be smacked by the rag because I made him so mad. In the past two weeks we have argued and he has told me he’s going to leave, should I let him? Because I am tired of dealing with “oh I’m going to leave you because I didn’t get my way” or how do I do my part to make him have what he wants, especially when he wont tell me what he wants?


UUGGGHHHHH…..why would you stay in this type of relationship. It sounds horrible, depressing and simply unhappy. I think you should both just leave one another. There is domestic violence, anger and bitterness surrounding the bother you. You both would be MUCH better off leaving one another and getting help for all these issues you talk about. If you decide to stay together PLEASE don’t have children. It wouldn’t be fair to have them be born into this craziness you call a relationship.

Doc David

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