Be a parent not a music critic…


Is the mainstream music of today appropriate for adolescents?

I have observed much of the music that my teenage kids listen to. Some of it promotes materialism and glorifies violence and crime. But when i tell them not to listen to it, they say that all there friends listen to it! Should i tolerate this or attempt to suppress it?


The answer is going to depend on what you as a parent find acceptable. If you consider screamo music fine then if your kids listens you probably won’t stop them. The same for rap, jazz etc… I’m saying I wouldn’t focus on the music I would focus on parenting and the relationship you have with your children. The music thing is an argument that has gone on for decades and probably will continue to go on. All the friends may use weed so does that mean you are going to let your kids? I would suggest you take a stronger stance as a parent.

Doc David

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