Selfies have to go…

I get it…when social media was in its infancy posting pics of ourselves was interesting and even sometimes funny. These “selfies” often were unique because it’s something that had never been done before.
It seems that something has changed. Instead of selfies being unique they simply are now attempts for some type of validation. Who can get the most likes…who can get the most compliments… Instead of being interested in the actual selfie, I’ve become more interested in the cleanliness of the mirror that is being used in the selfie or the look of the room behind the person in the selfie. That room tells me more about the person than the actual selfie. Here is a thought. We all know what you look like and we like you enough to stay friends with you on social media. How about posting things of substance rather than another picture of your made up self or your unrealistic life. You don’t need validation on how you look. It’s how you treat others and what you do when no one is looking that will always be much more important than how you look in that new dress.


Doc David

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