Father abandoned homes…

Every week I go to homes where fathers have abandoned their children. Single mothers striving to be two parents, getting overwhelmed, feeling hopeless. Young men and women being effected in ways that create trauma for a life time. Maybe fathers don’t understand the importance of their role. I could roll out the variety of statistics that are created in these fatherless homes, but it would bore you. We all know them, we see them play out on reality TV, or midday talk shows. There is a term we are familiar with “Single mother homes”. There is a negativity in this. It’s as if it’s the mother fault even though she is the one struggling in the best way she knows how to raise a family. I have decided I am going to change the language a bit. I now call these homes “Father abandoned homes” because really that’s a much more descriptive way of talking about it.


Doc David

2 thoughts on “Father abandoned homes…

  1. I’ve never thought of single mother homes in a pejorative sense. I see resolve, grit, and resourcefulness. These women are doing the best they can. There are many factors playing into fathers abandoning their families including their own background, socioeconomics, and our criminal justice system. Unfortunately, this problem is pervasive. So keep up the good work Dr. Simonsen, these families need you.

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