Do you use SnapChat?

I work with families and teens every week. It has it’s perks. I get to learn all the current lingo.

“Dip” = leave or take off.

“Epic” = something that was (according to the teen) really amazing.

“Fail” = doing something poorly. You trip over something (fail) You break your arm doing a skateboarding trick (epic fail).

“Rachet” = When someone is rude or obnoxious. Also an item you wear that isn’t cool.

“Swoll” = used to describe someone as muscular

I also get to keep up with current apps that are all the rage with teens. So when I saw this article by Adam McLane I had to talk with him and get more info. He describes how what seems to be an innocent app “Snapchat” Is really a devious way to get people to share inappropriate things between one another. If you are associated with teens in any way it is a MUST READ. Below you will find a link to my interview with him. Please share and listen to our interview with Adam if you have time…..Ok two more, I can’t help myself.

“Jelly” = Jealous

“Totes” = shortened version of totally. I was totes jelly when I saw your new car. (Adult men should never use either of these phrases).

What slang do you know?

Doc David

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