Of course it’s abuse…



Hey there! Me and my boyfriend have been together for around 3 years! We have a 13 week old baby girl! Now my problem is he always thinks he is right even If I put evidence in front of him to prove otherwise! Fair enough u think oh it’s a little petty argument but no! He gets verbally abusive! And throws things, bangs the baby’s high chair which isn’t stable etc! I don’t know why he’s like this? He seems to be getti worse to the point where every argument he is right! I have told him I think it’s over… He just laughs… Says if I go he will smash my phone laptop rip clothes (things I love)… He’s threatened to hit me! He’s grabbed my arm with His nails to grab my phone so I can’t ring anyone for help. Even one time he pushed me on the floor and kept hitting the belt to the side of me (wasn’t touching me) just to scare me!! I mean its all getting to much! Only good thing is he is a good dad! We don’t have sex or anything like that! I am much younger than him as well! I wish me and my daughter could just be happy
Thanks for reading Emma


I would classify this as abuse. It’s unfortunate you decided to have a child with him. You always had a choice to leave this loser, but now your daughter will forever be attached to him. I encourage you to leave him NOW or at a minimum seek out counseling.

Doc David



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