You are the parent…



What do you recommend in terms of monitoring teens’ internet?
My teens each have laptops (with filters) but I have reason to think that they watch videos and listen to music that they are embarrassed to show me/have me know about. Plus, I’m afraid to know what they have searched to learn about their bodies and the world.
I’d like to monitor their use through gaurd your eyes, or something of the sort, so I can know what they are seeing and discuss what they see with them. However, I’m afraid that (1) they’ll feel controlled and resentful (2) they’ll feel the need to go other places to use the internet which cant be a good thing.
I know its already late in the game but I hope there’s still something I can do.



Don’t ever be afraid to do the right and prudent things with your kids. I think putting monitoring software is fine. If more parents did it, kids would probably not see as many things a they do on the internet. It’s your job to guide the kids and be in charge.

Doc David

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