An update

I don’t normally post personal things on this blog, but throughout this last year I occasionally posted about my 2 year old who was battling Leukemia. People often use terms related to a battle or fight to describe the journey through Leukemia. I would have to agree that those are definitely the right terms to use. In February she got a cold while having no immune system. She was given less than a 5% chance to live and was put on a life support machine. It’s called ECMO for short. We thought she wasn’t going to make it. Through many prayers and great decisions by doctors she was only on ECMO for 4 days and her body started producing white blood cells again. We came home a month later and our sweetie is doing great! She is in remission, hair is growing back and she is eating. I know we most likely will next meet, but the support from various people through this time has been amazing. Thank you so much!

Doc David


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