Do you want to be Criminal???



All my life, I have always be strong-willed and hard headed. Since the age of 4 or 5, if my own desires/interests conflicted with what I was being told to obey, I would simply ignore the authority figure and do what I please. I am still that way. To start, I think I’m quite intelligent and could achieve great things if I wasn’t so obstinate. I am graduating this year with intent to go to college after I graduate and I am only 15. The event prompting me to ask this, is literally 15 minutes ago, my mom essentially said, go ahead I don’t care what you do, ruin your life. She said this in response to what I thought was a very reasonable request to go hang out with my friends, whom I’ve spent much of my time with since 7th grade and she trusts them and their parents. I’ve learned to know what she wants to know in order for me to go out and I was truly shocked to hear that, no, I didn’t have permission to go and I just said that I am going to anyway. As far as I know this is a natural part of growing up, but I have definitely started sensing that I won’t listen to anyone. Do I have a problem, is my mom being too controlling, or is this simply a part of growing up? Please respond, I will now dress and go chill.



This is a problem. If you can’t learn to come under some type of authority in your life then you will most likely become a very successful business man or a criminal. The second is where most people end up when they don’t learn how to manage being under authority. Part of growing up is learning to work with your parent. If you simply refuse to listen and do whatever you want it will not bode well for you in the future. I would suggest you and your mother go to a family therapist which would help you guys figure out your relationship a bit more.


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