Women are not objects…

My ten year old son was given an iPod for his birthday and the other day I was looking through the web history and found a lot of porn web sites that my son has visited and often (a few times a day about every other day). The types of porn he was looking at varied from just naked women to women being urinated on and some pretty aggressive and some what violent sexual acts. I have the feeling that this maybe normal but i wanted to make sure. Id like to speak with him about it in a way that won’t be embarrassing or harmful to him. I don’t want him to think that anything is wrong with him for being curious but I also want him to know that the things he saw weren’t a good representation of a typical healthy relationship. I don’t want to punish him for searching porn out because I want him to feel comfortable with coming to me if he has questions and know I won’t be judging him for it or he may be punished but I also am going to be blocking all porn from all computers and devices in the house because I don’t think it’s healthy for him to be exposed to it at this age. So that’s the issue and my plan. My questions are. Is him searching porn normal and types of porn he watched? Am I thinking about this the right way as his parent? Is there anything else I should say to him about this?


I actually disagree with you. I think porn is damaging. Looking at it at such a young age can create an adult who views women as objects to be used. I think you need to be very clear that it is not okay for him to be looking at these things. He needs to know from you or a father about the birds and the bees not from the Internet. Keeping protections on things in the house is important. I would be curious to know if he was the only one with access to the ipod. Are there other things in his life that would lead you to think there has been some type of abuse? It is normal to be curious about sexual things, but usually those curiosities have been answered by parents. It looks like you may need to have a sitdown with him and see what he actually does know about sex.



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