This seems to be a well thought out argument to a hot topic issue. What are your thoughts?



This topic has been on mind for a while now. You can read my previous thoughts on it here. I’ve been preparing this entry for a few days now, but with today’s events and the explosion of vitriol accompanying them I felt like it was a timely reminder.

1. We were told to love people. Even when we are technically right we can sin in the way that we deliver that truth.

2. War breeds enemies, not neighbors. We’re supposed to love our neighbors. In fact, we’re supposed to love our neighbors as much we love ourselves.

3. We are disciples, not lobbyists.

4. We were told to make disciples, not legislation.

5. It doesn’t address the problem of sin. Sin is the universal injustice.

6. It is waged from a position of insecurity. It is fought with the language of arrogance. It is fueled by prideful posturing.


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