I usually don’t post personal things, but since I blogged about my daughter with leukemia previously I thought I would give an update. She finished her final round of chemo last week. One thing that happens after chemo is that blood count numbers go down. This makes people more susceptible to infection. Things that wouldn’t bother the immune system of a non chemo person can kill someone who has gone through chemo. So we were out a week and lived separate from my wife  and two other siblings who had the flu. Friday night she was admitted for bronchiolitis. So while we are done with chemo we are not done with the possibility of an infection taking her life. If you are a praying type please pray she and our whole family come out the other side of this in a positive manner. If you would like to see more about her she has a page on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/BabySophiaJoy Thank so much


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