When your inlaws stink…


Hi, I have been married for 5 five years and together with my husband for almost ten. He is the most caring, honest, funny, genuine, just best husband there could be. The problem is his terrible family. His mother is always making rude remarks whenever she comes around about me trying to keep her from her son, which is totally not true. She makes an effort to tell my husband how much she missed him only completely ignoring me. Before my wedding she told me I was eating too much and wouldn’t be able to fit into my wedding dress ( I only weighed 110lbs at the time). She constantly complains about wanting grandkids and basically makes me feel like my whole worth is based on the product of my ovaries. His whole family is like some bad Jerry Springer show with the former drug addict brother just out of prison who can’t keep getting different girls pregnant. There is so much more I could write a book. I am totally at my wit’s end. I know he won’t disown his family but I absolutely cannot be around them. After much thought I realized I can’t do another 20 or 30 or more years of this. I am seriously thinking of ending my marriage. My husband is awesome and is not the problem but I simply can’t take the inlaws anymore. I have even decided I no longer want kids because I wouldn’t want them around his family. Is it worth going to marriage counseling or should I just end it now?


You shouldn’t end your marriage because of foolish in-laws. What I would suggest is marriage counseling. I would also suggest you limit your time around your in-laws and let you husband know it is in the best interest of the longevity of the marriage. If you continue to expect them to act appropriately you will continue to get disappointed. I would suggest you go in with no expectations and focus on your husband. You will never be disappointed then!



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