Chemistry at work doesn’t translate into Chemistry in the real world…


I have a
Scenario here Which I’m hoping you could help.
I like this guy I’m 28 and he’s 29. People think we flirt and that there’s chemistry. We work together and we both are aware that we both can trust each other when it comes to our jobs. We have similar goals career wise In life. We’re both educated , attractive people. With that being it safe to assume based on the following that there is something he likes me?

1) we’ve brushed arms and fingers, even feet once before .. Most the time neither one of us has flinched
2) his body language is 80% open towards me (torso faces me in a group, feet pointed at me, etc)
3) we maintain eye contact when we’re speaking. When he passes by me, he may look up at me and sometimes I give him a puzzled look cuz he’s looking at me, but he doesn’t look away. So I smile, and he smiles back this sheepish smile.

4) he teases me and we bicker fight to which other people claim they are entertained and make comments like “oh no they’re fighting again” We both know it’s joking though…He teases other ppl too but he doesn’t bicker fight with others.

7)he likes to think he’s right… All the time.. When I prove him wrong he blushes and admits it. And he high fives me … Idk why??? Once he even bowed down to me when I won the argument.
8)We both do things for one another knowing the other has lots to do so we try to help each other when we can.. He does things for me that I didn’t even know was my responsibility until I questioned it once..

9) he’s my work partner and our styles are 90% same in the way we do things… We find ourselves agreeing to ideas the other suggests, finish each others sentences sometimes, etc.

Anyway it’s hard to believe there is NO attraction or no chemsitry… One of the other employees said “trust me, he likes you.” or “you guys flirt all the time that I’m afraid to be in the same room as u two” I don’t think we fight that much. This employee has also told me that he himself has a crush on me too. Unless he knows something I don’t.. He always says “I’m pretty sure if u try to kiss him he won’t turn u away” Idk how he could know that, but he’s mostly right about everything. I know the saying goes, if he likes you, he’ll ask u out. but putting that aside, what do u think? Thank u for reading this!


Sure there is chemistry….AT WORK… You have no idea what’s he is like outside of work. Thus the chemistry in the workplace setting may not translate to actual real life outside of work. This is why workplace relationships are discouraged. Let’s say you get together and have a horrible experience and break-up. How awkward is work going to be? Will you quit or will he quit. It’s great you have feelings for him and he probably does for you. I just think you may need to be very careful on how you move forward here. If it’s worth it, perhaps change departments? Just be cautious.


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