Spoiled brats can be any age…


My son is 25 and I have done almost everything I can think of to get him to be responsible for himself. He wont keep a job for more than a few weeks and I am at my wits end. Alot of people say to just kick him to the street and let him learn the hard way. I have considered that ma.y times but I get so guilty and think some of this comes from the fact that I lost my eldest son at l8. Im very protective now as I cant bear the idea of losing another child. At times I think he relaizes this as I may have suggested as much. Overall he is very inconsiderate and when asked to do things around the house he makes excuses or says he will do it later and rarely follows through. Now about the stealing, he has taken money and used our credit cards to the tune of thousands. In our fristration and not knowing what to do next we filed charges which led to a felony on his record. Now he uses that fellony as a reason he can not find work. This causes me furthur guilt. He still takes from us now and then but I have found that its only us he takes from. No other or people or he has never taken from a store or business that I am aware of or even suspect as he always has reciepts. Of course they have our cc info on them. How can or what can I do to help this situation!? Is he anti-social in personality!?  He never seems to have any guilt dor his actions and comes across as insincere. Just a few points to add, he has a nice home, the things he needs and loving family without any abuse. Help….


You are housing a spoiled brat. You can blame him, but the blame is squarely on your shoulders. You have tolerated his behavior, excused it and even overlooked it. You keep talking about guilt. STOP being a slave to your emotions and take some action. He relies on your spinelessness to live a great life. If the handouts stopped coming from you then he would step up to the plate and actually become an adult. You are doing him a great disservice by continuing to house him with this bad behavior. If you were to die tomorrow he wouldn’t know what to do. Wouldn’t you be happier knowing that he is on his own and that you can help him at times? It seems this is possibly more about you and what you need rather than what is best for him. Let him know today he needs to be out in a month and that you will help him find an apt and pay the deposit and first months rent. Then follow through.




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