It’s not about snoring…zzzz…..


Hello, so my fiance and I continually get into an argument over her snoring. She hasn’t always snored. We have been together about 11 years and the snoring issue recently sprang up about a year ago. I usually ask her to sleep on the couch on those nights when she snores more than normal. She gets angry at me for having a problem with her snoring. I would sleep on the couch, only I don’t fit. I’m 6’2″ and our couch is roughly 5′. She fits on it perfectly though. Yet she gets angry at me, as if it was my fault that I can’t live with her snoring. Am I in the wrong on this? I have had many sleepless nights because of this issue. Sometimes I am forced to sleep on the couch, and that results in an uncomfortable night, not to mention a day of tiredness. I know that a big part of relationships and marriages are made up of compromises, of which I have made many. If I am not seeing the whole picture on this, please tell me. I have been battling this issue for some time. Thank you,


I’m smiling because I think the bigger problem is that you have been together for 11 years and you call her your fiancee? When is the marriage? Is there a ring? Snoring is not the issue it can easily be taken care of through a small procedure. The bigger issue in my opinion is what is your plan here? Ask her if she is happy that your not married yet. If she says yes then I will drop the issue. Again snoring is not the issue there are easier ways to take care of that than sleeping on the couch.



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