You’ll get arrested for stalking…

In High school I thought I was “in love”. Needless to say I wasn’t and my first breakup became a great learning experience. Do you happen to have any learning experiences from a breakup? I would love to hear about it!!  I talk more about it below.

Don’t make your ex Jealous or else…

2 thoughts on “You’ll get arrested for stalking…

  1. Yeah stalking charges lmao, because a creepy sadistic old man 30yrs my senior who I though was in love with me lied about being married for 5yrs of being together and then got jealous that I’m in a new serious relationship and lied to the cops about me scratching one of his overpriced cars..Newport Beach people think there special. Get over yourself Morrison family just because you live in a mansion in a gated community and your related to Aaron Peirsol dosnt mean a thing! I hope your daughters don’t get abused mentally and physically by someone as old and as sadistic as you. Word of advice to young woman, make sure you call the cops first when he stalks you because he will lie and pretend your stalking him..don’t hold back!

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