Young, dumb and in love…


My Boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and a half now. We’re young, he’s 18 and I will be turning 18 soon. At the start of our relationship things were going well and we had a lot of laughs and hours spent on the phone bonding.

Things turned horrible march last year, when I had broken up with him for not knowing where I was emotionally anymore, needing some time to think. He called me every night for 10 days asking me to come back, and after talking things through we got back together. Things were amazing after that, we were much closer than before and hardly ever argued.

The thing is, something seems to have gone wrong again. For the last 2 months he has been constantly picking fights over nothing, mostly blaming it on something I say, Telling me that it’s proof that I don’t care about him. This isn’t true of course and I always tell him that. I figured this was just a phase, and that it would pass, but his arguments upset me, and I spend a lot of nights crying because of them. He also yells at me, saying that I’ve broken up with him before, that I could easily do it again, and that he never should have gotten back together with me.

I’ve had so many laughs with this boy, and we got along very well with Eachother’s families. We were planning on moving in together in 3 months but things have changed in such a way that I don’t even know if I want to stay with him anymore. I really care for him, but the constant arguments over nothing, and being blamed for all of them is getting hard to deal with.

( i have considered the theory, that the way he is acting is a kind of revenge for what I did to him last year, because he really lives by the “eye for an eye”.. If this is the case, I find it a real shame. I have always stayed by his side since that time and had never even thought of breaking up with him again, I was hoping we would move on Too..)

What do I do? Is our relationship worth it, or should I call it quits?
I’m so confused and hurt..



This is what love is about, figuring out your emotions and knowing when to learn from something and move on. I think you should move on. You are too young for all this drama. There are MANY other guys in the world that you will meet. As you get older and more mature you will slowly recognize what you want in a relationship. I honestly don’t think you know right now and you are letting your emotions cloud your judgement. I would also suggest you don’t simply just move in with someone. While on the surface it usually seems practical, studies show that moving in doesn’t bode well for having successful long-term relationships. Live life a little don’t get stuck in a difficult relationship. You will have plenty of time for that when you are older. 🙂


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