There is still hope in the world…


My boyfriend and I are just starting to discuss marriage. Thus far we’ve talked about the following issues:

1) Children (we both want them, but I don’t want them for a year after we’re married)
2) Religion (I will voluntarily convert to Catholicism. He doesn’t require it, although he would want it.)
3) Finances (He has lots of money saved because he went to a military academy and has no debt. I will pay off my car loan in a week, but I have about $43k in student loan debt. Other than that I have about $30,000 in various accounts and retirement savings, and I pay off my entire credit card statement every month.)

But what other questions not generally discussed by young couples should we address during this important time?


Good for you guys. You have restored my faith in the humanity. You are actually doing some planning prior to getting married. It sounds like you have things fairly sorted out. When marriage is decided I would suggest you do pre-marital counseling. This would be useful because the therapist could get to know you and help you be clear on a variety of things. Do you have a plan for whose family you go to on the holidays? Do you have an agreement on going into debt on things or staying clear of debt. There are many questions that can be asked based on your personalities. Pre-marital counseling can bring up those questions.

Make yourself heard!

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