To slipper or not to slipper…


Hi. My daughter is thirteen and normaly I take a priviliege when she misbehaves. I took away her internet privilege yesterday, but I caught her on it. In my house I made a rule sometime ago that if I catch her doing something I took away as punishment I give her a light spanking with my slipper (this is common punishment in my culture). I haven’t spanked her in long time. Very reluctantly I gave her a slippering when I caught her on the internet. She accepted it and I haven’t caught her on internet today, but I felt bad about it. Was this right way to handle the situation?



I think there are many other things you can do beside corporal punishment. She is getting to the age where it’s not really going to bother her too much. Plus how does going on the net and spanking match up? I don’t think it does. I think punishments should match up to whatever was done wrong. So with Internet, put a password on the computer. If she was talking with friends don’t allow sleepovers or ground her. Get creative. Spanking older kids, in my opinion, doesn’t help the relationship. I suggest you use a combination of incentives, consequences and conversation to influence your daughter in a more positive direction.



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