Teens and parents the saga continues…


Trying to find ways to get along with my 17 year old daughter.I seem to be very strick with her due to some wrong choices she made starting at 15. i myself is having problems leaving it in the past,i feel its still going on, but what is it u allow them to do,i am so lost of even a cuewfew, i  have lost trust for her and i dont no how to regain it, my daughter is my world and we do great when we are not fighting and i feel if i dont chill out i am going to lose her or she is going to be so wild when she leaves,how do u regain the trust,what is a good cufew



I think a great curfew is in bed by 10 on weekdays and then home by 12 on weekends. Yet, I believe that should be the least of your worries right now.  I think you may want to consider seeing a family therapist. They could give you some insight on how to have a more effective relationship with your daughter. I have a feeling she wants to be independent, but also wants a relationship with you and doesn’t really know how to do it either so she tries and then gives up. This is often a challenging time for parents and teens. Seeking out help could help you both have a more fulfilling relationship as she prepares to leave your home.


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