You think you love him…


My husband of 1 year is in jail right now for the second time of abusing me and will be out soon, i have gotten a tpo on him but i really love him and i think he loves me too. would i be safe if i drop the tpo? Will i get in trouble if i drop the tpo the judge signed?



Get real please, this isn’t love it’s dysfunction. I would bet he also was violent prior to marriage and you still married him. This is not okay. He needs help and you need help. If you CHOOSE to stay with him please don’t have kids. It’s not fair to them at all to bring them into such a dysfunctional relationship. If you do have kids and choose to get back with your husband, then please allow your kids to live with a stable family member. It is COMPLETELY unfair of you to force your kids to witness abuse to you at his hands. It will create a cycle that could last for generations. Please don’t lightly pass on what I am saying. I have seen how physical abuse damages people emotionally and it’s not pretty.



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