The truth may hurt…


ya i just proposed to my girl friend who is turning 15 in april and i was wondering if it were possible if we could get married by me being 17 and she 14 and pregnate with our child?



Actually the best thing for you to do is to adopt your child out. It’s already hard being a teenager. Being a teenager with a baby, no job, no education and getting married is unfair to your unborn child and not the wisest thing for you to do. Encourage your girlfriend to adopt.


One thought on “The truth may hurt…

  1. Well actually David.. In the end it would be the mothers choice of how she wants to handle her child.. being a teen parent is really hard and there are alot of struggles you are going to have to deal with.. I would say that yes you guys are too young to get married and you shouldnt just want to because of the baby.. marriage is what you do when you are older and more mature. Which is why you should have waited to have sex because that is what adults do. I am 17 and I have friends who are teen parents and its hard. You need to do what is best for you and the baby.. what do your parents think about the situation?

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