Siblings can be HUGE jerks…


Hi David~

I have some IL issues, one being my SIL. We don’t get along..never really have. I think she might be either jealous or competative and I wish I knew why.

She constantly makes comments in front of everyone on holidays toward me in an insulting way, which pisses me off b/c I don’t understand why she seems to hate me.

I’ve noticed that when she’s around my daughter and she’s talking about something she likes, my SIL says,”Oh, I like that too” or “It’s like we’re twins”. I swear if my daughter said she liked crap on a stick, she’d say she liked it too. It’s really annoying. I almost feel like she’s trying to either identify with her in some weird way or trying to irritate me or act like she has more in common with her than me and I’m her mom.

Can you please help me understand what her weirdness means and how I should handle it?

Thanks a bunch,


From what you describe it sounds like jealousy. I don’t know your family so I can’t really explain what it is about. What I can say is that you should ALWAYS take the higher ground in dealing with her. If you don’t, you will be seen as the bad one in the family even if you aren’t. Your SIL has issues that you don’t know about and may never know about. Knowing the “why” of something rarely changes one behavior. So I am suggesting this is on of those times in life where you will need to bite your tongue and be the better person.


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