Most anyone can be a mom….sadly…


I am so confused as to where to start, my daughter is 25 and my grandson is months. She met a guy and got involved with him rather quickly, quit talking to us and i would text her telling her if i don’t hear from her I would call the police to do a welfare check she would call right away when she would call she would be almost like a fake anger and then like someone was listening to her. She got pregnant and called we were there for the birth of our grandson and then 2 weeks after she and our grandson and her boyfriend moved in. We gave them a car to use and money and she said her boyfriend was going to get a job he did but it was a month after they moved in then he lost it he did not want to go to work and then he got another job that didn’t last but a week. We started finding drugs in the house and approached our daughter she said they were the boyfriends she said she would talk to him. We kept finding more and then we started finding things missing in our home I did some investigating and found some of the stuff at a couple of pawn shops we begged her to give us the tickets she never did. They left… I haven’t heard from them in 6 months the last thing i heard from her was a text she sent to me it asked if I wanted to see her and the baby i said of course she text me back that I may need to pick her up I text her back and told her I could pick her up and maybe we could have dinner later I texted her again and she said i couldn’t pick her up then but she would let me know it was complicated. That is the last i have heard from her what do I do… Please help me I want to know she is ok and my grandson is ok.



I would get the police involved and child protective services. Obviously this guy she is with is bad news. She can make the choice to be with him the baby can’t. Your goal here should be to protect the baby by whatever means you can. Don’t worry about your daughter being mad at you she isn’t make good choices. You could offer to watch the baby a few days and then during that time get contact with CPS or whoever to determine what legal right you have. From your description of things I would be worried for the welfare of the baby.


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