A total loser…

QUESTION:I have been dating a man for a year now and am unable to put my finger on what is wrong specifically, but here is what is happening. He has lied, repeatedly, about his contact with a woman he was also in contact with throughout his marriage, which ended a year ago. He lies about everyday occurrences. I have discovered that he does not pay his bills, drives an unregistered, uninsured car, etc. He has been comfortable with me paying for everything for the past year. He has been able to craft stories in such a way that I feel sorry for him always: childhood abuse, unfulfilling marriage, crazy roommate who wants him to pay rent (he signed a lease and stopped paying rent, and was meanwhile living with me the whole time). I know this sounds crazy…but I am so confused because there is always a reason for everything.


FORGET if he is a socio path. Why would you even want to be with a guy who has lacks any kind of moral integrity in his life. This is a person that would screw you over if it meant he could get something better. Hopefully you don’t think of yourself so little. I would STRONGLY suggest you break things off with him and quickly move on. He is using you for housing, finances and sex…ewwwwwww… Doesn’t that make you ill? If it doesn’t then maybe you are a good fit for one another. The fact that you are asking means you have a problem with it. I again suggest you completely cut this guy out of your life as it seems you are just one in a long list of people he has used to get what he wants.




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