Food, Sex, Respect it’s that simple…


Hi my name is Emily I’m 24 years old  couple of nights ago me and my boyfriend were fighting he was saying that I’m in this relationship just for the pleasure which is so not true then he said I don’t appreciate things he does this hurt me really bad it now made me question this maybe I don’t show appreciation my question is
How should I show him my appreciation and what exactly is appreciate mean  I am dumb and that’s why I’m asking and he now made me think and also the thing about the pleasure isn’t a relationship about the pleasure hope you can answer these questions for me and help me thanks


Emily, From the sounds of it he may think that you don’t respect him. Guys need 3 things in order to function well and stay focused in a relationship: food, sex and respect. I would suggest you ask yourself where are you lacking in these three areas in your relationship with him. I know controversial right?  Let him know how important you think his work is. How great it is that he treats you special etc… You may have a tendency to make things about yourself? So he gets this idea that the relationship is about you not the two of you. If that is true I would encourage you to change that as well. There have been so many relationships I have worked with in which one of these 3 things were lacking. When it was paid attention to the issues in the relationship significantly subsided or disappeared all together. If you are still wondering what I am mean, check out my website, I have written a free book dedicated to the topic. Good luck!



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