Your MIL needs supervision…


My mother in law doesn’t have much of a relationship with my children. She has never bonded with them or taken the time to get to know them. They are very young and have not spent much time away from us. We spent the weekend with her and she wanted to watch the kids for a few hours. When we left the kids with her my 18 month old cried when we walked out the door. She was upset about that and angry with her about crying. When we came back to grab the kids, my mother in law told me we needed to sit her in a chair and make her stay there and not cry when we leave- if she gets up or cries she said we need to spank her. After that my mother in law said my husband babies the kids too much and it is his fault they cry. She also told me something that really bothers me, that my kids are not outgoing, and are abnormal and we should talk to a doctor about it. She made every one of these comments in front of my kids. She has made negative comments about them for years. I have a hard time speaking up to her. How should I deal with this?


Take it in as information and don’t get offended. She is who she is and now you know that you don’t want her to have a lot of interaction with your children or at least you need to have it be supervised. I think you should also have a conversation with you husband about his mother to gain more info. Remember he was raised by her so this experience can’t be much different from what he experienced. Your kids will forget the comments and now you know that she can’t be left alone with them. Don’t hold a grudge because it will not bode well for the future if you do.


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