Blinded by love…


I had been dating the love of my life for a year. After 7 months things got rocky when we broke up. I feel half of it was because of his mother not liking me and half because I would always threaten to break up with him because I saw that when I did that it would temporarily fix our arguments. We ended up getting back together, and I did it again mainly because I got tired of how his mother treated me behind my back. She blames not liking me on the fact that I am in debt and don’t have a great job. After I broke up with him I immediately went back like I always do and begged for him back and said sorry but it seems this time it is really over. I even went to talk to his mom where I got yelled at for 15 minutes about how bad of a person I am, he just sat there didnt say a single word and nodded in agreement with her most of the time. Then his mother said If my son had come to me and said he was crazy in love with you and wanted to marry you then i would tell him he’d be a fool to let you go and I would back off. Now this is a shock to me because for a year my ex was telling me he was saying all those things. So it’s been 5 days since that talk and we haven’t spoken. Last thing he said was he didn’t want to be in a relationship right now, and I have no idea what to do. Should I wait it out in hopes that he’ll change his mind or move on. I am incredibly in love with him and I KNOW he is the one. I just don’t know what to do. Please help.



NO NO NO…Don’t wait for this guy. He has told you, his mother has told you the relationship is not one that will work. If you continue to go back you will continue to get the same things. You say you are in love, but nothing in your description sounded like love. He doesn’t love you and you are being desperate. I’m here to tell you that he isn’t the one. If he was there wouldn’t be all this drama and his mother wouldn’t dislike you so much. I strongly suggest you move on. If you are unable then you need to get a third party to talk to to figure out what is going on inside of you that you would be so blinded by the emotion of love.


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