A big plate of hormones with a side of lust…


I am an 18 year old girl in first year university and I recently started dating a guy who is on my floor (We’ve now been dating for about a month and a half). He is the first guy I ever dated and I’m extremely confused about my feelings. He never officially asked me out. It just sort of happened as we were watching tv. He put his hand on mine, we started kissing and things progressed from there. Before that,I wasn’t really interested in him, although he definitely crossed my mind more than a few times in a “he’s sort of cute” kind of way. We have been pretty intimate, but the first time we kissed, I felt almost nothing. At times I wondered if the kiss was ever going to end. I know I should have ended the relationship sooner, or never even began it in the first place, but now I feel like it’s too late and I didn’t want to hurt him. On the other hand,there have been a few times, especially recently, where i am kissing him and i really do feel something and I think I really like him, but this feeling only lasts for a few minutes and then it’s gone…Sometimes when I kiss him now it feels like the most amazing thing and the other night i felt the most intense longing to be with him. But other times I feel absolutely nothing.I’m so confused. How can I be so in love with him one second and feel so empty the next? Should I end the relationship?Could it be all in my head? Do I want to love him so badly that I have convinced myself that I do? Could I really be falling for him? I know, I messed up, but please help me. I am so confused! Thank you.


This isn’t love and please don’t confuse it with that. What you are feeling is hormones mostly with a side of lust. I would suggest you end the relationship. You started it way too fast. You should simply start out as a friend with someone and then if things progress they will, but you should take it much slower. Things with this guy have already gone in a wrong direction and trying to start over won’t work most likely. So I suggest you break things off and do it the right way.



2 thoughts on “A big plate of hormones with a side of lust…

  1. Wait some more and see what happens . Err on the right side, If the feeling of confusion doesn’t disappear, then maybe you have to break it off with him. Maybe with separation , you’ll know if you really like him. The problem is, it maybe too late when you finally realize you like him and he doesn’t take you back.

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