Time to join reality…




I was in contact with a guy for a few months who I had never seen in person. We really enjoyed each others company and talked everyday.He then disappeared one day all of a sudden for a few months and I’d found out that he’d lied about many things he’d said about himself. Now he’s returned and admitted that he did lie about them things and that there was a logic reason for him leaving and that he still likes me and wants me to wait for him until he can ring me and tell me what happened. 3 weeks have passed and there is still no sign of him, should I still wait for him to get back to me?



There is NO WAY you should be waiting for him. Who knows how many other women he is stringing along. He may even be married and you are the other woman. I suggest you find someone else that has attachments and maybe even mutual friends rather than someone who is so disconnected.


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