Don’t wait for help…

I just got off a phone session that lasted 1.5 hours. While I enjoyed making an attempt to help them reconcile, I’m afraid I probably was useless to them. One part of the party informed that other that they were done and divorce was going to happen. It was now simply a matter of how they were going to separate belongings and the kids. I told both that I wish could have met with them several years earlier as any help I could give would probably have been much more useful.

I’m left with the fervent belief that if people would seek help sooner there would be less divorces in the world. Most couples I have worked with that have sought out divorce should have come to me years earlier. By the time they come to me negative patterns have been cemented, feelings have been hurt and betrayal has destroyed. All this to say, find help sooner. Lives will be less scarred, children less damaged and marriages saved.




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