What do you really want…


Hi David. I just need some advice on my boyfriend. I am not sure if I love him or not. Yesterday I was talking to this guy who I know is interested in me on facebook chat. We talked for ages. It was very flirty and I was enjoying it. When I got off I couldnt get to sleep because I felt very guilty. I wondered to myself why I had done this, I’m usually a very loyal person. Also, for some reason I cant bring myself to say I have a boyfriend sometimes, probably because that would mean that no guy would want to talk to me anymore. I dont know why I am like this. I care a lot for my boyfriend (he is a very good person) and do miss him when he isnt around. Do you think this is normal? Do people in love behave/feel like this?



You don’t love this guy. You said it yourself he is a good person and you miss him when he isn’t around. This tends to make it about you right? I suggest you break things off with him and really determine what you want in a relationship. If you don’t you will continue to go behind peoples back and ultimately hurt them because you are unable to be honest in a relationship.

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