Go to work…

I’m 29 years old and I work at a dental office as a dental assistant. There are 4 dentists and 4 assistants and about 10 office staff. Once in a while an outside oral surgeon named Dr. *** comes in with his own assistants if there’s a need. The dentists are all 40 and the assistants are all 29-30.

I have been hearing about Dr. *** for months. Every single person in that office has told me what an arrogant asshole he is, what a stuck up and conceited jackass he is, how he tells everyone what to do, and how everything has to be his way or the highway, and how much they hate the prick and can’t stand him, wish he would go somewhere else. Wow.

This is a really nice, friendly workplace, and they’re all a nice bunch of really easygoing, normal, friendly people who are not backstabbing or vicious. They wouldn’t make stuff up. They have also all been working here for 8+ years, in fact I am the only new person. So since they said such strong things about someone, especially a professional respected person such as an oral surgeon, it was a little surprising but they wouldn’t do it just to be mean.

I asked why he was such a jerk, and they said because he’s the most experienced out of all the dentists there, so he thinks he knows the best, and everyone’s else ideas are stupid, and that he treats us dental assistants like crap because we are beneath him, etc. but that I wouldn’t be meeting him for a while, because he was out of town for the next few months.

I kept my mouth shut and worked hard, and got along well with everyone in the practice and made friends with them.

One day, a young, very handsome, fit, athletic man walked in and started talking to me. He had a very pleasant face and attitude. We started chatting for some time and he was very nice. Then to my surprise he introduced himself as Dr. ***. He had to come in for an emergency. Also, to my surprise, he was only a year or two older than me. He’s 31 and I’m turning 30 soon. Hmm.

The next few days he was in the office working, and all the office workers were grumbling that they had to put up with him. The reason is because him and his techs take up all the offices with their specialized equipment and they are very demanding because they are on a tight schedule, such as instruments have to be sterilized a certain specific way at specific times, unlike the regular dentists we work for. This was interfering with the regular operations and everyone was getting annoyed.

During those days he was talking to me a lot for long, extended periods of time. I am not denying that I was very attracted to him. We were talking and I told him that I used to work for a pharmaceutical company as a chemist, and years ago, I was a few months away from getting my Ph.D. degree in chemistry, but my parents were very sick and bedridden and I had to quit and take care of them. I also told him that I had been bullied very hard in school as a child and had been bullied in other workplaces and had not really gotten over it. He seemed very sympathetic. It struck a chord in him and he seemed very annoyed that I as a worker had been bullied in a workplace environment before and that management hadn’t stepped in. He kept on saying that if I was ever offered any more higher paying chemistry jobs, to immediately take it because while this was an ok job, I was overqualified for it (true but I don’t mind working here)

Everyone in the office noticed that we talk, but since I’m the new girl, they initially probably didn’t think too much into it, that he was just introducing himself to me. But lately I’m sure they’ve noticed. Well we’re not doing anything distracting, I am still working and sterilizing the instruments while he’s talking to me. So they are not getting mad at me. But they find it odd that he is so friendly to me, because he normally ignores everyone. Then again, I’m the new girl, so he might just be getting to know me.

Today him and his tech  (30 years old) and I were standing talking, and we were talking about that while the healthcare field is hard, becoming a famous musician is even harder, such as a rock star or a rapper. The men were laughing about how we all wished we were rock stars and how we wanted to be on the radio.
I said I listened to death metal.

Dr. *** immediately said “THAT’S KINKY!!!”

I got quiet, and  didn’t say anything, we all went back to work because it was really busy.

Ok. So do you think Dr. *** likes me back?

Or do you think he didn’t mean it in a sexual way, when he said ‘that’s kinky’ he just meant it as in ‘you’re a cool girl’?

Meaning he thinks I am cool because I listen to unusual extreme music that most women (and people in general) don’t listen to?



  I don’t know what he meant by that. I do know that you are running the risk of losing your job if you continue to fraternize with someone that is disliked by all your co-workers. You go to work to work not to chit chat about things and flirt etc…Do you even know if he is married, has kids, divorced? I seriously think you should focus on work when you are at work. Otherwise your co-workers will start rumors about you and you will find that this pleasant place to work has become hostile.

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