Don’t beg…


I am a 17 year old who is in a long distance relationship. We have been dating a little over 4 months and talking for a half a year. Every month i fly to see her and we always have a good time. Its been a couple weeks since we have seen each other. I saw her the other day but she was just passing through so we didn’t get to spend any time together. She does music and that’s always been her dream and i totally support her with it. We talked on the phone last night and she says she feels like were fading and shes not in love with me anymore but i told her i still am deeply in love with her and i want to try and do things to make her feel the way she use to about me but she just keeps saying you cant make someone fall in love with you. She says she has tried but she was doing it all on her own and i didn’t know how she felt at the time. We have talked about everything and she used to say your the only guy i want to be with and i want to marry you and move in together. But now shes saying i wouldn’t change a thing about you because your the perfect guy i just wish we would have met after i was settled down and gotten were i want to be in music but i told her i would do anything for her and be there for her but she just wants to focus on herself right now. I’m going to see her tomorrow and spend a little bit of time with her and I’m hoping she will feel a spark between us again because if not she wants to end it. Please help me. She is my life and i don’t want to lose her. What do i do?


She doesn’t want to be with you and I’m pretty sure begging her to be with you won’t work. It will actually make you look weak. You are young and will get over this. She is focused on her music and will be likely to move wherever it takes her. This does not make for a healthy relationship. You will be sad for a while, and if you are emotionally healthy you will recover. I suggest you connect with some good friends for a while and don’t have a long-distance relationship again.


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