Abusive and unhealthy…


Im 20years old and 6months pregnant.Ive been with my boyfriend for 2yrs now and he has been putting me through so much stuff.He has put his hands on me before.When he gets mad he will say hurtful things to me and try to put me down and he doesnt have a job or is even trying with a baby on the way.He is also unfaithful to me he always has pictures of girls and numbers in his phone(which i pay for his bill).He recently gave me a std while im pregnant.Everytime he gets caught doing something he will turn it around on me.I feel like im starting to go crazy i look at his phone records and im always thinking hes doing stuff.This is not me i dont feel like myself anymore.I just want to be happy again and make a good for my baby..ASHLEE


I’m curious why are you still with him? Please don’t say because of love because this isn’t love by any means. It is abusive and completely unhealthy. What is more sad you are going to bring a child into this dysfunctional relationship. If there is any healthy part in your thinking you will do one of two things. You will either leave this guy and move in with family and bring stability into this childs life or you will allow your child to be adopted to a functional two-parent home. It is COMPLETELY unfair of you to allow your child to experience any of this. For you it’s a choice. For your child it is not.



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