Your son is LAZY…


My 19 year old son attends University, has hobbies that take him out of the house, and one good friend whom he sees from time to time. If he is going to any one of these things he will quite happily get up in plenty of time to have a shower and breakfast before he goes out. This might need to be as early as 7am but he is fine with this. However, if there is nothing on, on a particular day, he will lie in bed till well into the afternoon. I have tried asking if he is depressed or down and he says ,”No.” He seems cheery enough when he is up but I am concerned about what it might do to his health and have told him so but to no avail. He says he does not need medical help and that it is not a sleep disorder but I am worried, at the attitude he has to life by letting it slip by and I can’t seem to change his ways. What do you suggest?


I would suggest that your son is lazy. He is only motivated to do fun things. If you let him know that he is out of the home if he continues this behavior then I think you would actually see something different happening. You may have spoiled him a bit and thus he doesn’t really think he needs to do much in his life other than school and have fun.

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