You know what to do…

QUESTION:Been with guy five months he has anger problems … hes never physically hit me BUT he’s slammed car doors, slammed apartment doors, yelled, physically hits his hands on his head … BUT then he says he’s sorry wants to spend rest of his life with me … told him last night *when he was in a good mood* “I don’t know what to do you have an anger problem and I dont know what to do if you don’t take medication and get help” then I walked out EVERY SINGLE day for past five months he always sends me a good morning text nothing …. What do I do now?
Really??? You don’t know what to do? The best thing you can do is leave this relationship. You will be hurt physically eventually. This guy is NOT ready to be in a relationship. He can’t control himself, how do you expect him to be when other things are brought into the relationship…family members her doesn’t like…friends of yours he doesn’t like. If you marry, how do you expect him to be able to behave around any children you may have. Again, you need to be smart when you date people and gather information about them. You have gathered enough information to know that you should NOT be dating this guy. You may tolerate it now, but 3 years into it, the “sorrys” will get old and you will have wondered why you even stayed with this guy.

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