What to do???

I need your help. I ran across someone who wanted my advice on the following. She began a relationship with someone who smoked. He said he wanted to stop and would stop. She entered into it letting him know she didn’t like it and she beleived he was true in his intentions to stop. It’s been a year in and he doesn’t stop and she nags. The more she nags the more they fight about it. So I gave her my advice and I’m curious what you all in your wisdom would do or think. I look forward to the answers either here or on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “What to do???

  1. She knew what she was getting in to. If he didn’t stop at the beginning, she was stupid to think that he would stop the farther along the relationship went…she needs to stop nagging and accept that this is a vice that he has. There are worse things than smoking.

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