pregnant teens…

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be touchy feely and not pass judgement, but I am sick of running into teens getting pregnant because it’s a socially acceptable thing and because they just wanted a baby. Please parents start teaching your children about the logic of abstinence or at least waiting to have sex until you can actually afford or truly take care of a child. Celebrities and parents who preach out against abstinence education and the like haven’t probably had a teen who is pregnant nor have they actually worked with teens who are pregnant…I do and it’s heartbreaking to see the cycle of poverty and abuse continue in families by foolish choices parents and their teens make. It’s not a good thing when a teen gets pregnant. It’s nor fair to the unborn baby, it’s not fair to the future of the teen and it’s not fair to society in general.  There is a right way to do things and having kids as a teenager is not the right way to do things. Parents do your job, don’t rely on the schools or media to give the right messages…please…

One thought on “pregnant teens…

  1. Well said! It is so terrifying to see what has become socially acceptable. It really shows that something is lacking in these kids’ life. I hope that I can impress upon my boys what is right and wrong in this category.

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