Money down the drain…




would you say that there is something a parent should continue to do for an adult child (25) who has drug abuse issues and all that goes with that, i.e. hanging out with bad influences, no motivation to have goals in life, no job, no car, no stable place to stay, poor partner relationships, legal problems etc.  

when I say something a parent should continue to do, I am speaking about, funding counseling or rehab, if the child would go, and continuing to suggest and assist with ways to get life on track, i.e. signing up for school…..or is this a waste of time, because someone has to want to change to accept help?  I just dont know how someone who is in a negative environment and whose mind is clouded with drugs, can think clear to make the life changes. I feel this child will die or go to prison for a long time. When has a parent done enough?



I think you simply offer finances for rehab and that is it. There are plenty of social services that can be of assistance for someone like your child. Until he is ready to make a change by attending rehab you shouldn’t be putting money down the drain. You can choose to do it if you like, but know that it isn’t doing anything but keep him stuck where he is at.

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