Little things add up…




My husband and I have been married a year and a half and we have a two year old son.  We are both employed, him, fulltime, me, parttime, but we barely make our bills every month.  I have been looking for a job since I graduated college (about two years ago) and the one I have is the only job I can find that hasn’t laid me off.  
I am a reliable, good worker, the economy is just really bad where I live.  I have worked there a year, and during that year I have been looking for another job.  I have worked other side jobs and temp jobs during this year.  
My husband knows I am trying to find another job, but they are not easy to come by right now.  We barely make our bills every month and have no savings or health insurance (our son does, but not us).  And we fight about this a lot.  My husband is always worried about money and always talking about money, not just to me, but to our friends and family.  I know that we don’t make enough money, but I don’t like to dwell on it.  I realize that having enough money is important, but so is enjoying time with our son and each other.  We have a rental duplex to live in, in a country that isn’t third world, in a safe neighborhood.  We are all healthy.  Really, aside from lack of money, life is perfect.  I know that divorce rates are higher for people who are poor, and I don’t want our family to break up if the economy doesn’t improve.



I think there might be a deeper issue related to being able to control your spending habits. With both of you working it seems that there should be plenty money for the necessities you have. So I suggest you comb over the things you spend money on and see what you can get rid of. Cable TV? Newspaper, Starbucks every day, dry cleaning, unlimited data packages on your phones. These are but a few things that initially don’t seem like a big deal. Yet, take a phone data package. 30 dollars a month. Over the year that is 360 dollars just so you can surf the web on your phone? That’s one phone two phones doubles it obviously. Add up how much you eat out, how much coffee you buy. If you both are TRULY serious about your finances you will both sit down and figure these small things out, because they are ultimately killing you little by little. If you don’t sit down and figure it out then you may as well stop arguing about money because it means that you really aren’t serious about changing your life through managing your money more effectively.

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