dating has risks…


I met this man online 6 months ago.  We had our first date almost 2 months later.  We became involved physically about 3 months later.  In the last 2 months we have been showing affection in public, holding hands sometimes, meeting a few of each others friends, introducing one of our hangout spots to one another, spending more time with one another.  He has really been getting closer to me and letting me into his world slowly but surely.  He has began opening up to me slowly…sharing.  We have never had an argument, disagreements…just wonderful times together.  We immediately had a strong connection and chemistry from the very first meeting that neither one of us could deny.  After our last time spending it with one another from morning until the evening, just enjoying one anothers company.  We had a wonderful time smiling, talking and watching sports.  After this date he disappeared into thin air.  He will not text, call or respond to mine.  He will not give me an explanation as to why he has cut off communication with me.  There is absolutely nothing that I can pin point that would have caused this.  I did feel in the last 2-4 weeks that he may have been falling for me.  Can you help and tell me what is happening here?



  I can only take a guess because I don’t have his perspective. I think from what you describe he may have felt too much pressure to be together all the time. So when he went away from you he felt better and then acted on that. Another option is he has another life outside of his online one and he was afraid he was going to be found out by you or the other girlfriend he had. Regardless, I think you should learn from this situation. Hopefully you recognize that you gave a piece of yourself away to someone you thought you knew, but ultimately didn’t know very well. Take this experience with you into your next relationship and things may go very different. I also think maybe in the next relationship you take it much slower than this one seemed to progress.

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