You need to be the one…


I have just recently started talking to my sister again after not speaking for 8 years. It was not just me not speaking to her it was also my other sister, my brother, and her daughter. My sister always has to be the center of attention and causes problems. Her son was just in a fatal car accident and that is why we are all talking again. Her other daughter who is very close to her wanted me to know how she felt about no one speaking to her mom. It turns out my sister made herself out to be an angle and the rest of us are mean people, especially me. All I said to my niece was that is not true but did not want to get into it with her. Now I feel sorry for speaking to them again, my sister will never change and still wants all the attention and when she does not get it, she will blame someone. Should I just keep my mouth shut and just see them but not get too close. My life has been more stress free with her out of my life.



Since I don’t know all the dynamics of your family, you are going to have to be the one who decides how much you can handle. It’s going to all be based on what kind of stress is going on in your life at any given moment. Since your sister has not changed nothing should surprise you. Maybe keeping limited contact is wise because then you will keep in touch with nieces and other family. Yet, if it’s too overwhelming for you then limit contact even further. It’s all going to depend on how well you can bite your tongue.

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