Please rethink this…


Ok, so i am recently engaged and my fionce and i have been planning to move into our own place, and have a child together by the beginning of next year. but recently he got a call from his ex girlfriend saying that he has a 1 year old son. i don’t know how to deal with this, with her being in his life again, and with him having life with another girl. to me, it just seems like its going to tear us apart. all of what we had planned is now down the drain, because he already has a kid now. and his ex is close with his parents, and she is going to always be over at the house now. how can i learn to cope with this or is it just best to let him go?



  I strongly suggest you rethink this relationship. He has too many attachments and the current plan you have makes divorce more likely for you. Couples who move in before marriage have a higher rate of divorce. Plus you will have to share you time with this new child. He should be focusing on this kid not focusing on a love life and this new kid. I suggest move on and pick more wisely next time.

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