What do you even want???



my bf is 3-years younger than me. he’s still in college, and i’m working already. he always says that he loves me, he always trying to do whatever i ask him to do (pick me up, stay with me while he has to meet his parents, etc). He lives in a dorm and i stay with him. mmm…and we already have sex. i often angry for every little things, 90% is because i’m offensed. he says he doesn’t mean to and he’s really sorry that. He says that he’s sure i’m the one for him…but i’m not. we often have different opinions. i love him to be around me and showering me with love. but i’m not sure that he is the one. I always think to break up with him when i found problems. he always beg me not to do that, i think i also afraid i can’t find anyone better than him. i’m a passive person. what i love about my bf is he’s very aggressive so i don’t need to do anything in the beginning of our relationship. beside that i already have sex with him. i actually love to see naked woman. am i normal? am i a lesbian? physically i’m not attracted with my bf. should i just trying to love him more or just break up until i’m sure what i’m looking for from a partner in life?



I think you have enough information to determine that you shouldn’t be dating this guy anymore. In fact, I think that you probably need to figure out what you even want in a relationship. Being in a relationship simply because he showers you with love is somewhat of a shallow relationship. I would encourage you to take some time to think about what you really want in a relationship instead of staying in this distressed one.

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