There is an order to things…


Ok. My boyfriends family well dad, step mom, and step sister have been calling me all kinds of names such as psychotic bitch and saying that i won’t let him around them or answer his phone and stuff like that. His step sister was threatening to hit me beat me up “tear me up.” i Told my boyfriend if we have a kid him not letting his dad ever see it considering that he would be more than likely to tell me kid that mommy a bitch she doesn’t care about you. and having his step sister threaten me i don’t know what she would do to my kid. Could i keep my child away from his family?


  Ok first off, this is probably a relationship you shouldn’t even be in. You should be in relationships where family members actually want you to be in the family. So the fact that they have this problem should tell you something and should be throwing big red flags up. Secondly, you SHOULD NOT be having a kid with your boyfriend. A child needs family as support and you simply don’t have it. You should do things in the right order to get the best support for your family. Because of the response of these people you should be very careful about going further in this relationship.

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