She’s got you fooled…


me and my girlfriend have been together for 3yrs now she is still in high school an currently finishing off her last year. the problem with that is, her senior year is very hectic and shes juggling work with her school an other activities outside of that. about 2 months ago she decided it be best to just put our relationship on hold, we agreed that we would just be friends for the time being. shes always to busy an recently Ive been getting fed up with her and waiting on her to see if were going to get back together. theirs times were shes even to busy that she cant even talk to me trough out the whole day to at least say hi or to see how im doing. i sometimes feel like im pressuring her to choose just for the simple fact that i get frustrated because it feels to me that shes kind of pushing me away because we used to be so close and id always be there to help her out with whatever she needed. but now it seems like she likes doing things without me, and i sometimes feel like im waisting my time waiting on something that might not happen. becuase she tells me that she wants to be with me but then she says she cant be with me right now and at times she dosent show me any affection, and id think if u still have feelings for that person ud show some sort of affection just to let the person know you still love em. but she tells me that she dosent like showing me affection because she dosent want to lead me on and give me false hope that we’ll get back together. the question i have is should i continue to wait for her or keep going trough all these headaches and sticking it out to see what happens?…. theres been plenty of times were id wanted to just leaver her completely because she cant give me what i want an that’s her and her time. she tells me im selfish because she just needs my support and i sometimes don’t give it to her. i try to look out for her feelings but at the same time im looking out for my own an i know that going trough all this is just hurting me and sometimes she makes it seem like she dosent care about the relationship at all. im jus really confused and im hoping maybe you can give me some kind of advice or anything at all to help me out?



I gotta say it sure seems that she has you fooled. I think she wants to breakup with you, but have convinced you that staying friends is good enough. She wants the perks of you doing things for her, but doesn’t want to have to do anything for you. So in essence she is playing you. Now she may not have the intent of doing that, but I think that is happening. I don’t think you should keep waiting.

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