Focus on your school…



I am a 17 year-old and I’m about to graduate, and I want to leave for college because I cannot take another minute of living with my parents. They control everything, they check my texts, my facebook, everything. They don’t trust me and I haven’t done anything wrong. I personally believe I am a fairly good girl as I do well in school, I obey and respect them, and I know what’s right and wrong; I have my values all set out and I considered them to be well-formed. I must thank my parents for this formation, however they are suffocating me with their control. I can’t go out with friends and if I do they must know who’s going and what we’re doing, and they often say no. They have threatened me with sending me back to my home country and they just recently took my phone. I haven’t done anything wrong but they believe that I don’t know what right and wrong is and that if they let me have some freedom I will ruin my life. They don’t trust me, they don’t believe what I say, and as a result of this I no longer care about them, I don’t want to live with them anymore and I am completely sad and hopeless. I have no idea what to do to change this as every time I try speaking to them it always come back to me and what a bad daughter I am. What can I do to let them trust me so I can actually have a life and live it?


That is great that you want to go to college. What you describe does seem pretty hopeless. If you can’t really sit with them and have a good conversation then you need to bide your time and wait for college. In the meantime I would suggest you talk to a school counselor and get some ideas. Focusing on school work would be a good thing. If you were able to simply sit with them and talk clearly and rationally then maybe things could change.

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